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To Infinity and Beyond (ok, To Billings and Beyond)

I have written from the dock of the bay, from the sandy beach, and frequently from my couch - wedged between dogs. But today, It's the Portland Airport. PDX for all you travelers.

My destination is Billings, MT and Patient Husband. He is officially retired! I don't think he is actually feeling it yet. I remember the relief, but it was always tinged with a bit of doubt and uneasiness. I'm sure he is going through this too.

He and I agree that this is a great quote:

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” — Fred Rogers

It is so true in so many parts of our life.

When I get there it will be a crazy couple of days of packing and loading and then heading onto the highway headed west. Hopefully a coupe of quick visits with my Sheridan friends will be included.

I spent many hours this last week wondering where he will put his things in my tiny apartment. How do you make room where there is none to begin with!!

Lets leave that thought and let me bring you up to date from the last week.

The temperatures have been really nice, but the days seem to alternate between absolutely perfect to all day rain. Finn has learned to sing "Rain, rain go away.....". On the rainy days all my motivation goes somewhere.....maybe to the next sunny day.

I am able to get out almost every day. If not for a run, it's a hike with the dogs. One of the forested trails is a constant hill climb so I combine the dog walk with a hill workout. Win-win.

Have any of you seen the famous painting of the Aspen forest where the indians and horses are hidden in the trees? It's by Bev Doolittle. Anyway, this reminds me of it. Can you spot the 3 dogs?

As my long runs on the weekend get longer, I am trying out new routes and new directions. Some work out great, some become a run on hills, and some take me through new neighborhoods where I am constantly looking for "For Sale" signs. One such run brought me here. There are times when this would be more tempting than you would think. I'm sure the owner had needy runners in mind.....

This is was nicer view. I see this couple in the same spot almost every day.

Finn and I like to be able to get out and explore. This day we went to a school playground (last week was Spring Break). Not only is it fun to experience things with him but it is so interesting when they discover something new that we take for granted. Here, he not only was exploring the stairs, but he stopped to look at the composition of the stairs - there were lots of little holes. :)

He also liked the climbing wall. Well, just to look at.

April is going to be a wild month for me. Lots of travel. This week to Wyoming and back and then another 10 days in upstate NY with my son and his family. At the same time, I am considering a half marathon in May. It is in Astoria and the race follows along the Columbia River. It looks like fun but I was worried about the interruption in training by my travels. So this is what I have worked out with my coaches. I will do what I can while I am away. If when I get home (it will be 3 weeks before the race), I feel ready then I will run it.

Either way, they will then start getting me ready for the Utah race in July. Running myself ragged may not just be the title of my blog!

Working at home is great. No concerns about dress code.

It was breakfast time and Finn was having cereal. I noticed he was doing the squirrel thing with his cereal.

Ahhhhh just planning ahead.

On a rainy day, some wait to go out,

...and some wait to come in.

This seemed to hit home with me:

And on that note, I shall wander over to the snack bar.......

Have a wonderful week.

One step at a time,


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