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It's almost Christmas! We need to get caught up. Remember way back my last post :(. Anyway, I mentioned that I had just had a toenail removed. Yea, well its been almost 3 weeks. I still have a very disgusting toe. Would you like pictures? Just kidding. I'm still very careful about what shoes I can wear and hoping to try to run maybe in a week.

Last week I had an appointment with my GP for just an annual checkup. I mentioned my toe, and I know when she took a look at it, she wanted to say "EWWW, That is so disgusting!" Instead with a pale face she dictated a description of it.

I have found ONE good thing about not being able to run. My motivation is back! I cannot wait to get back out there.

How I will feel:

How I will look:

This is how your pizza looks when you think you are good at multi-tasking....

This may surprise you, but I am currently watching E.T. for the first time!

Patient husband, and I and my daughter, her husband and Finn drove up to Cannon Beach last weekend. My sister has a beautiful new home and we couldn't wait to visit with her and see their house.

I know this doesn't look real, but I actually took this while walking just below their house.

Finn was thrilled with all the toys my sister had...

He especially liked playing in Marcia's pottery studio.

We were excited to learn that Santa was going to be in town! First, a trip to the local toy store. I'll take three of these.....

But his favorite find was a blue wheelbarrow. He even remembered to tell Santa. Santa, by the way, arrived in a fire truck. Which was very exciting.

He remembered to ask for the blue wheelbarrow.

On our way home Sunday we caught a ride on a Christmas Train. And lo and behold, Santa switched from the fire truck to the train!

His reaction to the elf:

His reaction when they ran out of candy canes....

But he really enjoyed riding the train.

With winter and the rainy season here, I now make daily trips to the barn to clean the stall. But today's trip was made a little less sh***y because I got to see this guy.

Nothing says Christmas like Pre-school plays:

My little tree, my gnomes and a Christmas Tree-scented candle are making things feel quite Christmas-y.

Have a wonderful Christmas; full of warmth and happiness.

One step at a time,


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