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What I've Learned...

...during my recovery. I am in week 5 of my recovery from ankle surgery. Next week I will head back to Colorado to see my Surgeon for my 6 week post-surgical appointment. I am sure that will be a new start to further my rehab/recovery. At that point I will be 'weaning' myself from my frankenstein boot! Right now I am using only one crutch and slowly giving that up.

While I can only dream right now of running my favorite areas and hiking the trails, I have made a lot discoveries that I want to share.

This is what I've learned:

1. I can toss a 1/2-full bag of sugar to the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet and land it perfectly. (may have taken some practice)

2. Instead of balancing against the kitchen counter while doing dishes, put a chair next to me to rest my knee on made things so much easier.

3. Get a kneeling scooter. (I didn't but so wish I had)

4. I CAN shower while standing on one leg.

5. Taking a hot shower while standing on both legs is glorious.

6. My dogs know when I'm struggling. They just do.

7. SO many channels - nothing to watch.

8. When you are told to have your ankle elevated above your heart while icing, they are expecting you to know that this is when you are lying down.

9. Daughters and Sisters are the best.

10. Some days it's ok to stay in my PJs/sweats all day. (No one - absolutely no one knows)

11. Don't say you are doing ok, if you're not.

12. If someone offers to help - let them! (They want to and you need it!)

13. I love when people randomly send me a quick note asking how I am.

14. All the things that you think you will do while sitting at home, will NOT get done.

15. One needs patience while healing. (I found the longer I've been in the rehab process, the less patience I have...)

I actually find myself shopping on line for trail running shoes......

And now I must finish and get on with my day. Watch the next episode of a Netflix series, and prepare for the painters. Yes! I am having the walls and ceiling on the main floor of my house painted! I am very excited that when I get home from Colorado, it will look amazing!

One step at a time,


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