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When Life is Filled With Lots of "Whens"

Like the rest of the country, we have been having days and days of rain. Sideways rain, non-stop rain, misty rain and occasional thick rain (you may call this sleet). The dogs are getting incredibly restless.

When even the dogs have cabin fever:

Gus could care less that we are getting soaked.

Nice weather for ducks........or seagulls

For a moment, the rain stopped so we hit the trails.

When the trail starts out beautiful:

but ends up like this... up,up, and up

When the trail goes anywhere near water:

Even in February, this happens:

When you have trails, water and dogs:

Luckily the temps are always nice and mild, so I can head solo to the ocean.

Wait, what?

When even the socks are adorable:

There was a fantastic shower for Finn's future (one more month) baby sister:

When you are helping Mom open presents but you have to be in disguise because the paparazzi can be annoying.

When your sister comes to visit and you have to share the good stuff:

When you campaign for your Mommy:

When barn chores, campaigning, and being so cute finally takes its toll:

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the day.

One step at a time,


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