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Who cares if it's raining, I'm retired!

This has been my theme this week. Actually it's my theme every week. I made a discovery about retirement this week. For those of you who wonder what a retired person does when its gray, and cold, and raining outside; smile - that's what we do. We can stay in our sweats (or in my case, running tights), drink lots of coffee, curl up on the couch and read. Yep, pretty wonderful.

Jake can get super bored, though.

Friday was one of those days, so I decided to head to the gym for a little treadmill time. When I arrived the entire parking lot was full. When I finally got in I found out it was a huge gymnastic competition for the entire weekend. Oh joy. Once on the treadmill the person next to me and I discovered that there was no wi-fi available (not sure if this was because of the competition). So if you want to imagine what it was like. Close your eyes and imagine the music that comes from a little girl's ballerina jewelry box.

Now turn up the volume to "my eardrums hurt' level. THAT was what we all ran to. I didn't go back the whole weekend. It would have been too painful.

This is an actual picture of me complaining to the management.

I did have a great run on Saturday. I ran the wooded trail again and wanted to get in at least 5 miles. Finally it was a run that felt good. I saw something sitting on one of the bridge railings. This is what I found. AWWW how cute.

The hills on this route are evened out when I come up on this view:

My run may or may not have finished directly in front of Stephanie's where I enjoyed many cups of coffee and a piece of crustless quiche.

Of course the day I laughed the most was the day I had Finn. He is learning things by the minute and is now saying so much. It's just the random things that make me laugh. Like when I found him stacking his blueberries carefully into his spoon.

On those rainy days, I found some things on the internet that made me laugh and I just have to share.

When I want to travel, but my funds don't match my dreams:

For those of us who were "WHERE'S WALDO?" fans:

And my everyday..

Ever get that feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder?

He's actually helping me do a crossword puzzle. He's quite good.

Have a wonderful week. Keep moving......but oh, so carefully on that ice and snow!

One step at a time,


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