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Wild Life and wildlife

I have had an interesting week with some new adventures.

Monday was a holiday so Amanda and I went with Finn to the Aquarium. Every time Finn visits there, he focuses on something different that he likes. This time one of the things he enjoyed was the sharks. We sang 'baby shark' or 'Mommy shark' or 'daddy shark'

according to what he found. The other favorite of the day was a handrail. Yes, holding the handrail while someone carries you down the ramp is super fun. Why can't we do it over and over again?

But there wasn't anything cuter than Finn the Buffalo.

Other wild creatures I saw were Elk! After leaving Wyoming I never really expected to see elk up close, but they were right there next to the side of the road!

On Thursday, Finn came home early from daycare with a fever and just feeling crappy. That means I get an extra day with him.

I told him I could tell by his little eyes that he didn't feel good.

He looked in the mirror to see what I was talking about. He didn't think he looked sick.

Here he is doing stretches or maybe he just wanted to see the world from a different perspective.

Love those little feet.

I don't think I have mentioned yet that I have joined our Sheriff's Posse. The first event for me was to be at the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival.

Although Durango is familiar with wildlife (deer, birds, dogs, etc.), I have never had him around human wild life. :) So I wasn't sure how he would be around loud music, crazy people, cars, tents, etc.

Here we go heading out from the barn to the festival grounds.

Mounted up and ready to go!

Both Gabriella on her big paint, Romeo and I were very proud of our horses. No one acted up and they walked around like they had done this all their life. Well, there was that moment when the streamers were overhead. But Durango just scooted quickly under them and went on.

I have also applied for the Search and Rescue team. I'll keep you updated on that.

I had a mixture of outdoor running, gym workouts and even running on the indoor track this week. As I try to keep my running clothes and gear organized - this seemed very appropriate.

Sometimes Luna just sits in front of me and stares. What is it exactly that she wants me to do?

And now I shall finish this with a great way to think of our days. Just read this slowly and take it in. It works for everyone at every stage of your life.

One step at a time,


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