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You're Her Mother, For God's Sake

July is here and so much is going on! But first, the end of June can't be overlooked.

We went out to dinner for Amanda and Joe's anniversary. The restaurant had a little play area in the corner. It was perfect. Finn found a chef's hat and kept himself busy cooking trucks and trains in the play kitchen.

I also did a 12 mile long run that weekend. It went ok, miles 10 and 11 seemed extra tough. When I got home, this is the angle I saw the house for a long time. The dogs even brought me their toys to entice me off the couch. Nope, couldn't do it.

Then the biggest event of all:

Finn turned TWO!! I haven't seen any 'terrible twos' yet but that's just Nana's point of view. First, we all went to the Portland Zoo.

What a fun place and the weather was great. Finn seemed somewhat intimidated by all the animals he wanted to see: tigers, lions, elephants and giraffes. They don't look that big in books! But there wasn't any hesitation when it came to petting the goats.

One of the party-goers gave Finn some tractors. He loves them. He also took the stickers off them and promptly put them in a better place.

And then sleep overtook him.

And then with the help of pizza, cake, and presents, we all became birthday party animals.

The cake was amazing. The bakery made the cake and then a 'play area' with cookie crumb dirt. Finn didn't need any instructions, he immediately started digging up the dirt and putting it in the dump truck!

Nana got him his first bike. :)

When you move from a crib to a 'big boy bed' and realize you can get out of bed all by yourself. But you are soooo tired you can't go any further.

I went out to do some work/play with Durango. Now that he is healed, he is out with the herd. That means walking.and walking. H-e-l-l-l-o-o?

I know that's a beautiful huge field (I walked it all). But all I see is - empty.

Maybe they went this way. That poop looks pretty fresh. (You think I'm an Indian scout, don't you?). I didn't hear anything when I put my ear to the ground.

Ah ha. The last place I got to. Yep. that's Durango in the center looking straight at me.

As l left that day, I saw Banjo had picked up some hitchhikers.

A third joined them after I snapped this picture.

A little off-roading......

And now it's the 4th of July... Amanda and I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) this morning.

It was a lot of fun. Here we are planning our strategy.

It appears that I am thinking "what do you mean, you'll pull out front?"

Well she certainly did. Our first mile was 8.58 and our second was 9.01. I forgot to tell her you are supposed to start out s-l-o-w. Or maybe that's just half-marathons. Anyway, I really screwed up and took a needed potty break that put me way behind her.

I bet right now, you are thinking, "when will she be done making excuses for herself".

We both finished.

Amanda was 3rd overall female! How awesome is that? Plus, we both got 1st in our age groups.

Poppop and Finn waiting for Mommy and Nana to get their awards.

When we got in the car to leave, I was telling Patient Husband that I couldn't keep up with Amanda. Hence: You're her Mother, for God's sake!

Now for some random stuff.

Oh, Timmy, don't give up. Everyone has bad days.......

Down below the gym track, is a play area for the little kids. I was waiting for the loudspeaker to say: Drivers start your ....vehicles!

And now let's finish up the 4th of July weekend of fun. I hope you have lots of good times. We have a cook-out, fireworks, a fair, and a rodeo. Monday shall be a rest day.

One step at a time,


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