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When I left you on the edge of your seats (I can at least pretend you were....) my flight was for 9:15 am on Monday the 15th. Before the evening on the 14th was even through, that flight was cancelled. I immediately got on line and saw there was a flight that was still available but it took me through Seattle. Even though I knew Seattle was having weather issues too, I booked it.

I was up bright (this is as bright as I get)

and early and on the early shuttle to the airport. Delayed and delayed. When I finally got to the agent at the counter, she booked me on United - straight through to Denver and leaving soon!

Soon I was on the plane and realized I had been booked 6 times on flights since Friday! And even better news? My brother-in-law was in Denver for the day and was able to pick me up! Woohoo.

Tuesday morning started with a pre-op visit to the Surgeon. All went well. Then my sister, Sue, and I tried to cram in everything we had planned to do all weekend into one day! And we almost succeeded. First we went into downtown Vail. I fall in love with Vail every time I go there. Let me show you a few pictures and you will understand.

The streets are heated!

The line for the ski lift!

Then to lunch at a German restaurant. My sister twisted my arm really hard and we shared: Glühwein Wäldertau. This is a hot mulled wine. Yes its as amazing as it sounds.

Then we share 2 appetizers that definitely could have been entrees. First, fondue:

Then Wurst with spicy mustard and a tiny pretzel.


This morning I had to be at Admissions at 6 a.m.! The anesthesia and the nerve block worked pretty well. I don't even remember going to the operating room. When I woke, I was told the Dr. had already come and talked to me and I answered him! No memory of either. Thank God I wasn't on a date!

I was fitted for crutches and a walker. Both look like they are made for children. I can't imagine why.... This was my only other option:

Back to my sister's house where I was waited on hand and foot! My Niece's children (would that make me a great-aunt?) loved helping me. Piper loved knocking on my door and asking if she could get me something and if I said "no", she would make suggestions. :) They also kept me company.

Piper and Bergen

Baby Pippa

OK this is the end of Episode 2. Don't forget I'm still under the influence of Oxycodone. :)

I look forward to taking....

One Step at a time.


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I decided to do a short mini-blog. You know like a mini-series you love to watch. So welcome to Episode 1 . The Wait

As you may know, I am having surgery on my ankle. I decided to have it done in Vail, Colorado where I have had other surgery and I really trust them. They will be repairing a tear in a tendon as well some repair to the cartilage.

Eww, I shouldn't have looked at that. Anyway, let's move on. My flight was for Saturday, the 13th from Portland to Denver. When we started hearing about an upcoming winter storm, I decided to leave on Friday and get to a hotel right near the airport. Amanda, Joe, and Finn volunteered to help me with last minute tasks with the animals. Note: Madeline didn't help at all. She acts so helpless at 11 months.

The last 45 minutes of my drive were definitely white knuckled, but I made it safe and sound. When I say I'm close to the airport......I mean it.

Saturday's flight was cancelled in the middle of the night. They wouldn't let me change on line - I had to contact an agent either by phone or at the airport. Two hours and 25 minutes later on hold, I was talking to an agent.

Because the airport was pretty much closed, there was nothing to do but get on the same flight on Sunday. Back to the hotel for another night. $$$$$ Within hours THAT flight was cancelled. OK this isn't fun anymore. Because of COVID, the restaurant is closed, so once I got tired of M&Ms out of the machine, (don't worry, I got the peanut M&Ms for the protein) I had to walk to the nearest hotel down the road for food. Turkey Club for the win.

It's now the 14th of February (Valentines' Day for you lovers out there) and I am so BORED. Ugh. I've watched Netflix, Hulu, Snowboarding competitions, the news, the weather. You get the idea.

I ventured out to my car to make sure it will start. The kids will be picking it up for me after I leave. It started immediately, but here is how the window looked when I rolled it down:

But I actually had a 'gift' today! Deep inside my backpack, I found this:

I'm sorta embarrassed to admit how happy this made me.

I have to show you Finn's Valentine class photo. He is front center. And look at that face. I melt every time.

I'm continuing to try to be positive. I've printed out my boarding pass and luggage tag and re-scheduled my shuttle from Denver to Vail. I have to get out tomorrow or I will be calling the Dr.'s office for further instructions. I know he will be upset.

So this episode ends with a cliffhanger. Will my flight go on time tomorrow? Will I make it in time for my surgery? Will I solve the murder ....... oh sorry, wrong episode.

Keep your fingers crossed for me folks. And of course...

One step at a time,


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Wow, we waited SO long for 2021 and January is already over! It hasn't been a bad month. My immediate family is covid-free so far and I will be getting shot #2 of the vaccine in just 4 days. I've even been sleeping better (longer) but yet those wild and crazy dreams still hit me a few times a week. What IS it about these dreams/nightmares? Do you get them? Could it be because I fall asleep listening to murder/crime novels? I don't even want them analyzed - I mean how scary would THAT be?

Anyway, back to daily life, I got a lot of wonderful gifts for Christmas. One, of which, is a blender. Now I can say I have joined the group of healthy smoothie drinkers. I have to say that when I opened it up to use it the first time, I was somewhat taken aback by the name of the canister:

The total crushing pitcher? Seriously? So much violence to make something called a smoothie! :)

In two weeks, I am flying to Colorado for surgery on my ankle. A couple of issues: a torn tendon and some pretty nasty cartilage. I'm not fooling myself about the recovery - I know it will be tough. But my goal is to be back running and do another 1/2 marathon before the end of the year. Yep you can remind me of this in 8 weeks while I am hobbling around in a boot.

Considering I'm single and all my children are grown, it's amazing how much planning this trip entails. There is someone to take care of the horse - not only while I am gone but also after I get back and unable to walk without crutches. Oh and the dogs! Anyone who owns more than one dog understands how hard it is to find someone to care for them. And that someone makes you feel so guilty when you raise your eyebrows at the cost. "You mean your dogs aren't worth it? You don't love them that much?" Of course they really don't say that - it's all in the look.

Of course, I am whispering all this while I type so Jake and Gus don't hear me.

I guess you all have seen the funny mitten-wearing Bernie memes. You know I have to join in. A couple of years ago I was at the UFO festival in McMinnville, Oregon. I ran a 5K wearing an alien costume. If that wasn't weird enough, Bernie joined me!

Maybe he was stalking me, because there he was at the same gathering I was at in Wyoming!

Lets get serious, shall we? Even my 3 year-old grandson, Finn, agrees that this cloud is a great dragon.

Madeline, who started walking at 9 months is now almost running.

Finn says being an astronaut is totally exhausting.

I haven't sat on the couch much this month. I ran a virtual good riddance race

Then LOTS of callouts with Search and Rescue. This is a picture taken of me and another team member walking off a mountain ridge. So glad someone was there to pick us up!

You knew I would have to post an ocean picture. Here is my favorite from January.

I also got out with Durango a couple of times when the skies were blue. It's hard to beat the peace of mind I get while riding through the trails.

I hope you all have a good week. Try to find something that keeps you moving, gives you peace of mind, and most of all happiness.

One step at a time,


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