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Of course nothing is stirring.....it's just me and the dogs. And after a hard up-a-mountain hike earlier, we are barely twitching.

This last month has been a continuance of staying home or wearing a mask. The biggest difference is that after having almost a whole year of no call-outs, I went out on 4 Search and Rescue calls. Each one was very different and I am proud to be a part of such a great team.

Oh there is another big news item: Madeline is walking!!! Yup just before 9 months! She is so tiny!

Who needs expensive toys when Tupperware works just fine...

I promise she was NOT chewing on the dog bone on the left.

Finn is especially happy that I built bunkbeds in my 2nd guest room. What would have taken 2 people about an hour-and-a-half to build took this woman about 4 hours. Yes, I am impatient and stubborn. The only thing I couldn't do was lift the top bunk up to it's position. (I actually tried to figure out if I could though....). That smile made it worth the time!

I got Jake to his much-needed grooming appointment, so I thought he deserved a coat on this very windy day.

The only time the dogs ever pay attention to the tv is when a doorbell rings on a show. They run to the front door barking their heads off.... But this day, with 'Clifford, the Big Red Dog' was on. Jake sat and was mesmorized!

I attempted some holiday baking. Kolachkis, and sugar cookies. And yes, I did THIS all by myself. ooops.

One run took me on dirt trails, paved trails and this sandy trail to the beach. The dogs didn't lose any time running into the surf.

Durango remains his beautiful self. :)

This morning after my daily trek to the barn and Durango, I took a quick walk on the beach alone. It was cold and breezy, but some days I just need a moment or two there.

This time I actually found 2 pieces of sea glass! I always look but this is the first I've found some.

Then this afternoon I took the dogs out. I ran when I could and hiked when I couldn't. We climbed so high this was our view of the ocean:

Had to take this picture too. This one dead tree?

And now as I sit here with my hot cup of coffee, I wish those of you alone - not to be lonely, those of you far away - to feel my hug, and each and every one of you a very happy Christmas.

And then as we move closer and closer to the end of 2020, we shall together take it

One step at a time.


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In these times of the pandemic, I didn't really feel there was much to write about. My life seems to be anything but exciting or even slightly interesting; but since I never stop taking pictures of what could be potential blog photos, I happened to notice an overflow!

My buddy, Finn, still loves to accompany me to the barn. There is so much to see and do! First, we decided to hike up and see the new rescue zebra. Yes, you read that right!

Since zebras aren't warm and cuddly creatures, we had to keep our distance:

Then we continued our walk and Finn was in charge of picture taking. These are some of his favorites:

Then back to some of mine:

You HAVE to do this when you are dressed the part:

When our chores are done, Finn wanted his rake hanging right next to mine.

When my kids were small, we went from buying our Christmas trees at the used car lot to a tree bought at Sears on sale. Now I actually have found out how fun it is to hike out and pick out the tree!

Sometimes you have to hike quite a ways.......

Can you see the two in camouflage?

He thinks this is the right one.....

Madeline had a great time, while the guys were working.

Looking over the final cut.

I haven't broken any records, but I try to get out and run as much as possible. Yesterday I ran to a nearby beach that was really beautiful.

Apparently when I'm not staring at the ocean, I'm staring at the sky.

But, wow, what a sky.

I love the fact that Madeline likes to fall asleep on my lap.

Last month on a SAR (search & rescue) call out, I was out in the middle of nowhere when this guy walked right up to my car window! He wasn't very good at giving directions.

I was pretty proud what I did with a ladder, hammer and nails.

My little Christmas bush!

Thank goodness I was just out for a morning run and not running for my life!

You know all our dogs are thinking this

I've got a couple more ocean pics to share. I know, I know.....you are probably tired of these. Can you imagine if I lived in Nebraska?

Our town is filled with a lot of murals on the sides of businesses. Here is a new one I hadn't seen. It was on the side of a tiny country store.

And now I will continue to flip channels for the next 2 hours trying to find a series I haven't watched, as I shop on amazon, and do a crossword puzzle. Another night of pandemic 2020.

Stay safe and healthy.

And if things are tough, do what I do - just take

One step at a time.


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.....said no one ever!

Well a lot got done, that's for sure. I was discussing home repair/improvements, (as well as all the tools a simple butter knife can replace) when they started thinking of good names for my new Handywoman business. My favorite was "A Chick with a Hammer". Or was it "A Hammered Chick"? Oh, Whatever.

This may or may not be a picture of my bathroom wall.

But the good news is I know how to spackle now! I mean, IF this was my wall.

You will be happy to know that I hired a company to put up a fence in the backyard. You know work is about to begin when the porta-potty shows up.

Finally, a lot of work being done and all I had to do was sip my coffee.

Let's interrupt this with some cute pictures:

Her personal bodyguard.

Practicing her fashion model pose.

OK back to my work. Ever since I moved in, I wanted to paint the front door. It was red and peeling and the door handle was corroded. It had to change. Voilà.

And then my Autumn decoration:

Unfortunately, my decoration fell to the ground about 45 seconds later.

A sunset viewed a few nights ago:

Oh and I voted!

As winter and the rainy season will be here soon enough, I am trying to spend each nice day out back clearing away so much overgrowth. I was pretty happy getting to see my walkway again. So was Gus, but he didn't lift a single paw to help.

I also posted a stone in this walkway that I am trying to restore. Muriatic acid seems to be the answer. I'll let you know how that goes. And no, I don't believe Grandma and Grandpa are buried beneath.

On the other side of the yard were three cute stepping stones. I cleared them off and then when I moved along my shovel kept hitting rock! I uncovered 3 more that were completely underground.

When I get done with work like this, my hands are soo sore in the morning. That happens to young people too, right? Right?

Another thing I have to do to prepare for winter is to get my treadmill ready. And by ready, I mean plug it in.

Where's more cute pictures, you ask?

I'm glad to announce that high fashion is still here:

Since I changed my coat closet into a pantry, I hung this up for my jackets/hats, etc.

Unfortunately, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like biting someone's head off? Apparently, Gus did.......

Thought for the day: Why are wrinkles only cute on a shar-pei?

And for you cat lovers:

I, like all of you, have really struggled during 2020, but there is light at the end of this tunnel -- and hope. Please stay safe and wear a mask, and please vote so we can save this country.

One step at a time,


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