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This is a favorite video of mine. I'm so lucky to be his Nana.

Now that I am away from those icy, windy, snowy, below-zero temperatures (did I say windy) of Wyoming, I just have to learn to embrace the Oregon rain. The only time it bothers me is when I'm trying to head out for a run. This is the perfect running trail according to the dogs

:Now, THIS, is what I call perfect:

But one thing we do agree on -- the naps afterward are wonderful

One of my favorite places to watch the ocean.

A storm is coming in:

There was a momentous event this month. Finn's first sleepover at Nana's house! We were very busy. First we had a lot of engine repairs to do. You may notice that we take this very seriously.

Then, of course, we had our exercise band workout.

A little investigation........

And finally a stack of books before bedtime.

All of my dogs love to go for rides in the car, but only Jake becomes a back-seat driver.

I also like to watch other dogs. Who wouldn't love this one?

Wait, is that a Panda?

There must be one of her favorite songs on the radio:

Remember when I told you how much Finn liked his toy hamster? After being apart for several days, he had to console it.

And that included a ride on Finn's pony:

Hey, it's not easy to gallop one-handed with your buddy under your arm.

When I just can't compete with the sideways rain, I end up at this indoor track at the gym.

Only 11 laps per mile.

But sights like this (yes, those are cowboy boots) make the running more enjoyable.

When the baby falls asleep and Nana is a former Detective.

When you know how to be cool and you're only two.

Some of these just crack me up. And sometimes you have those days when you need them.

A little more serious

One day at a time,


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You are laying on the couch, or sitting in your favorite chair, drinking a cup of something and thinking "ahhh another holiday season is over". Some relief, right? As much as I love the holidays, there is a little bit (or maybe a lot) of stress that goes along.

Sometimes we just need a better answer.

So sit back and let's do a recap of my days:

My buddy has become my barn-cleaning partner. Both of us have a lot of fun. But sometimes you are just too cool for words.

I was on call for Christmas morning. Waiting for the text that he was awake made that morning exciting again.

This was Finn's big gift. But there was no fooling him about how it got there. While looking at the wheels, the lights, everything...he joyfully said "Daddy made this yesterday!" oops.

Learning to pedal his bike first thing...

Not sure why this is out of proportion, but you get the cuteness.

Strumming and singing Twinkle, twinkle, little star......

One of my favorite moments. He LOVES to be a doctor and makes everyone 'better'. Not sure what the prognosis was here....

All I want for Christmas is packaging pillows....

OK how cool is this? My new running map!

8 states done...only 42 to go. Yikes !

While searching through old toys at Nana's, we came across a toy that used to scare Finn and make him cry. (I have no idea why I would keep something like that?!). Anyway, now he loves the hamster. It's his new friend. He put it next to his rocking horse saying "can you see me?" Apparently thinking it can.

Here they are playing a game together.....

After Christmas, the weather held out so Gabriella and I could take our last trail ride of 2019

Now let me preface this. It popped up from my Iphotos. I had no control over the pictures and was unable to edit. You will have evidence of this from some very odd pictures. Hopefully my daughter will forgive me for any that she doesn't care for. My 2019 in photos.

We traveled to my sister Marcia's house for our New Year's Eve celebration with her and her husband, Scott. We started the night with the yummiest of meals in Cannon Beach.

Luckily the dinner was late, so we were closer to midnight and had a better chance of staying awake. Well 3 of us anyway. :). At midnight we were all lifting our left foot so we started the new year 'on the right foot'. Then hugs and the t.v. was off and we were heading to bed by 12:05.

Oh guess what? The toe is healed and I'm running again. 6 miles yesterday. Yay! 2020 is going to be more running for fun and more trail running.

I hope you all started the New Year on the right foot and happily made it through the holidays. If you are still tired....

Hey it's a new year, so make it a new you. Add happiness or calmness, or fun, or adventures. It's all up to you. YOU 2.0

One step at a time,


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It's almost Christmas! We need to get caught up. Remember way back when....in my last post :(. Anyway, I mentioned that I had just had a toenail removed. Yea, well its been almost 3 weeks. I still have a very disgusting toe. Would you like pictures? Just kidding. I'm still very careful about what shoes I can wear and hoping to try to run maybe in a week.

Last week I had an appointment with my GP for just an annual checkup. I mentioned my toe, and I know when she took a look at it, she wanted to say "EWWW, That is so disgusting!" Instead with a pale face she dictated a description of it.

I have found ONE good thing about not being able to run. My motivation is back! I cannot wait to get back out there.

How I will feel:

How I will look:

This is how your pizza looks when you think you are good at multi-tasking....

This may surprise you, but I am currently watching E.T. for the first time!

Patient husband, and I and my daughter, her husband and Finn drove up to Cannon Beach last weekend. My sister has a beautiful new home and we couldn't wait to visit with her and see their house.

I know this doesn't look real, but I actually took this while walking just below their house.

Finn was thrilled with all the toys my sister had...

He especially liked playing in Marcia's pottery studio.

We were excited to learn that Santa was going to be in town! First, a trip to the local toy store. I'll take three of these.....

But his favorite find was a blue wheelbarrow. He even remembered to tell Santa. Santa, by the way, arrived in a fire truck. Which was very exciting.

He remembered to ask for the blue wheelbarrow.

On our way home Sunday we caught a ride on a Christmas Train. And lo and behold, Santa switched from the fire truck to the train!

His reaction to the elf:

His reaction when they ran out of candy canes....

But he really enjoyed riding the train.

With winter and the rainy season here, I now make daily trips to the barn to clean the stall. But today's trip was made a little less sh***y because I got to see this guy.

Nothing says Christmas like Pre-school plays:

My little tree, my gnomes and a Christmas Tree-scented candle are making things feel quite Christmas-y.

Have a wonderful Christmas; full of warmth and happiness.

One step at a time,


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