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It's Spring, Right?

Spring seemed a little late here on the Oregon Coast, but when I can bring in these beautiful flowers from my garden, I'm happy.

We went on a hike to a new location in Depoe Bay with the dogs. The trails were short, but so nice!

The trail had lots of huge cedar trees. This one was so unique. Parts of it had died, and other area grew to huge heights. It created a type of cave inside the base. You had to climb up to look in (Well at least at 5'1", I did).

I know it looks like someone created this, but believe me it was all part of the tree. There is no way to get inside but to climb over. Someone else thought it was very cool, too.

When I climbed up and looked inside.......someone had put a bench in there!!

Unfortunately, the nice day took a turn for the worse. The dogs were jumping in the nearby creek, when suddenly Gus (my 10 year old Chesapeake) yelped and seemed stuck. I thought he had twisted a back leg and I tried to get him free. Once back up, he had a gaping hole in the loose skin in the groin area. Turns out he was impaled by this:

It's about an inch in diameter stalk. I won't give any more gory details because just thinking about it makes me shudder, but he is now doing well.

And, now lets move on to happier thoughts. Finn just finished Kindergarten and is now reading at a 2nd grade level! He loves to read Golden Books to his sister.

How is my running coming along, you say?

In all seriousness, I am out of the boot and have transitioned to my shoe with a metal plate inserted under the insole. I had never heard of this before (and neither had my physical therapist) but apparently it keeps the stress off the fascia so it can continue healing. I am in no pain. You read that pain. So doing the PT and slowly working my way back to good feet.

I have to include random photos I've taken of the coast. I'm still in love with it's peace.

On a nice sunny day, Jake thought I laid out this towel for him....

Perfect plate:

I win, I win!! BINGO!

Wow, this guy has no sense of humor

I'll send this off with a warning. I'm having an awful time getting my blog to work any more. And this includes several l-o-n-g phone calls with their tech guys. But I will keep trying.....

One step at a time,



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1 Comment

Jun 19, 2023

Hi Anne,

Sure was good to read your update and know that both you and your dog are on the mend! Love your coastal pictures and miss being able to see you, dear friend. Love, Nina


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