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It's Time to Get Caught Up!

I bet if I showed you this picture of my new motorcycle that I bought on Wednesday........

And then I showed you this picture that was taken on Thursday....

you'd think they were connected. Now, you are shaking your head and saying "Oh, Anne, you are too old".

Well, I AM old, but the two pictures are not connected. I have been looking for a new motorcycle for a while and found this one. Come on, you have to admit it could be called Badass or Sexy or both. I kinda want to name it, but haven't thought of a good name.

The very next day I had my 4,723,00th doctor's appointment for my foot. It has officially been a year I have been suffering with my darn heel. Three cortisone shots, 6 weeks in a boot last fall, physical therapy, visits with a surgeon and finally (fingers crossed) I think we have a solution. The end of my Fascia tendon, where it attaches to the heel, is 'frayed' and just would not heal. The procedure I had is called PRP and is a process of injecting my own platelets directly into my foot. This should jumpstart the healing. I am in a boot for 2-4 weeks along with physical therapy. A little prayer to he healing Gods would be SO appreciated. I WANT TO RUN!

Am I the only one who hasn't seen this? I had a rental car recently with the gear shift on a dial! And very dangerous for me because it is right next to the radio. Duh! If I want to turn the volume down, I might put myself in reverse. Watch out!

Anyone out there know what this is?

Amanda and I went to some spin classes a couple of months ago. The best part was at the end of the class, the instructor handed out chilled washcloths to put on your sweaty face and neck. AHHHHHHH. But we decided the cost was getting expensive for these classes and we got used Pelaton bikes to have in our own home. This works great for me because it didn't hurt my foot. For Mother's Day, Amanda bought me this adorable little freezer along with several pastel washcloths. What better way is there to motivate when you know there will be an AHHHH moment at the end?

OK, enough about really want to see the animals and grandkids, right?

Here's Ahnika - She can catch, she can hit; in fact she seems to excel at most everything. She recently won a district-wide writing contest. I just love that grin on her face.

Alistair plays almost all sports and is Amazing on the Sax.

Finn is completing Kindergarten and wow he is doing great - reading at a 2nd grader and doing math in his head! He melts my heart.

Madeline is now 3 and what a character. She is ready for anything!

And so funny! The things she comes up with makes me laugh out loud.

I actually got brave and set up a pottery table at our neighborhood spring bazaar. I actually did better than expected. (My goal was to come home with less pottery than when I started)

I still can't stop taking pictures of this gorgeous Oregon coast.

I hope you all wake up each day enjoying the life you have. And, well, dance a little.

One step at a time,



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