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Summertime, summertime, sum sum Summertime

This is the crazy August crowds on my beach!

Of course at another beach near me, the crowds are a little different....

That's me in the middle wearing a gray bathing suit...

And just a few feet from the sea lions......

Here is Finn flying his first kite. I have to admit, my first time too. The only kite flying I ever did before this was running as fast as I can with a paper kite behind me, about 3 feet off the ground. The kite, that is.

When he's not out flying kites, he's making sure all my Search and Rescue equipment is ready to go.

We've had some unusually warm days here this summer (like the rest of the country), but a heated pool is still much easier to swim in.

The noodles and arm floaties are kinda like a belt and suspenders....

My Investigation business is picking up, so I decided I needed a signature hat.

Madeline loves to go to the barn with me and is doing great on Durango. I will lead them around and around for a long time, and then suddenly she'll say, "ok I'm done." Those pink snowboots are being replaced with some new cowgirl boots.

I'm finally back to running! Woohoo. Not very far and not very fast. It was almost a year of no running, in and out of aircast boots, 3 (yes, 3) shots of cortisone on different areas of my foot, an oh-so-painful PRP injection, and finally Physical therapy. So this old body is taking its time learning how to breathe while running again. I sometime apologize as I approach walkers for my heaving breathing. :)

While cruising around the neighborhood, I saw this.... Seriously, this is in a nearby neighborhood - no pasture, just a fenced in lot. Hmmmmm

I saw this, this morning. I mean if you make special adaptations in you fence, why did you have to lop off that branch? For some reason it made me sad.

This is what I see when I arrive at the barn. Durango on the right, and his best buddy, Bo, on the left.

Some sprucing up with a pressure washer really made the walk to my backyard much nicer!

Need I say more?

Please, please take us for a walk. Jake (on the left) goes running with me every day. Gus is really feeling his 10-1/2 years so he gets to go for short walks.

And now, I shall sign off. I've had so much trouble with the website in publishing my blogs! Lets hope this works. Please subscribe so that you'll get each and every post. You know you don't want to miss this!

One Step at a time,



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